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Commercial Roofing Inspections

WNC Roofing offers written industrial and commercial roof inspection services, complete with photo documentation, at zero obligation to you. A thorough inspection helps you make the right decision during a sale or purchase of a commercial property. A roof inspection also can prolong your investment in the current roof.

Flat roof inspections are a specialty, but regardless what type of commercial roof you have, WNC Roofing inspectors do thorough, honest work. You receive a written roof inspection to point the way toward a preventive maintenance plan to reduce future repair and replacement costs.

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Maintaining a Reliable Roof

Having a well maintained, functioning roof system over your head protects your building and your investment. When you have obvious problems, the solutions often are straightforward. Such self-evident problems include:

  • Leaking
  • Interior water damage
  • Flashing issues
  • Missing ballast
  • Seam failure

Other warning signs aren’t so obvious. To identify the cause of the problem, you need a trained, licensed professional to inspect your industrial or commercial roof. If you’re experiencing any problems — or if you think your commercial roof may be reaching the end of its functional life — it’s in your best interest to have an inspection done as soon as possible.

The Benefits of a Roof Inspection

Getting a roofing inspection from WNC Roofing:

  • Puts your mind at ease knowing that a conscientious commercial roofing company is searching for known — and unknown — roof problems
  • Alerts you to any issues affecting your roof
  • Allows you to take preventative steps now that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair work in the future

The team of trained professionals at WNC Roofing provides you with the best options for further protecting your building. Based on your inspection report, you can order all types of commercial roof repair services. But every inspection is free of any obligation, so these inspectors are able to be objective and completely honest.

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Thermal Imaging

Roof Thermal Imaging _ WNC RoofingThermal imaging — via infrared technology — allows an inspector to see beneath the surface of your roof. This technology detects invisible moisture damage for virtually every type of roof surface. Infrared analysis is a non-destructive test that identifies areas of saturation in a thermographic image. You get a more complete assessment of your roof without having to tear it up.

WNC Roofing performs a thermal imaging inspection on your roof to pinpoint areas of moisture intrusion and target those areas needing repair or upgrade. Roof thermal imaging provides the basis for repair and upgrade recommendations. By acting on the results of a thermal imaging inspection, you can avoid replacing your roof prematurely.

The Advantages of Thermal Imaging

You’ll realize many benefits of using infrared thermal scans and roof thermal imaging. For example, a thermal imaging test:

  • Detects leaks in a flat roof before it does major damage
  • Detects water-damaged roof areas faster than conventional inspections
  • Eliminates the possibility of unnecessarily replacing good roofing
  • Provides more accurate budget forecasting based on the facts
  • Documents your roof problems before your warranty expires

A roof thermal image can determine the cause of a leak, even if it can’t be detected with the naked eye. Roof thermal imaging and thermal scans quickly locate and identify wet insulation, which indicates a failing roof system. Extensive wet insulation:

  • Reduces the energy efficiency of your roof structure — and should be dealt with ASAP
  • May point to the need for a complete roof replacement — before a potential emergency situation results from a complete roof failure

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